We are looking to recruit new Members.


We are offering a special DISCOUNTED subscriptionfor

£30.00 the first year.

£60.00 the second year.

and the full subscription of £110.00 the third year.


We hold taster sesions on a Wednesday Evening from 6pm

or feel free to call into the club anytime the gate is open.


Regular Social activities are held during the winter.


A fully stocked bar is on site with very competitive prices.


If you would like to know more about us contact the Secretary on

 0208 302 7092 or email [email protected]


and we will be pleased to arrange for you to visit the Club for a tour and answer any questions you may have.







Bowls truly is the ‘sport for all’.


It can be played by all ages, abilities and sexes -making it the perfect sport for all members of your family to enjoy together.


Like all sports, the object of bowls is essentially simple, but to be able to play consistently well demands determination, concentration and practice.


Bowls is a sport for life - just try it!


It has been medically proven that bowls improves your general health and helps to strengthen the immune system.


Bowls is not only a sport, you can also have a varied and active social life at your local club. It is the ideal sport for meeting new people, socialising and meeting new challenges head-on.


The Social Benefits


Making new friends,

Bowls clubs welcome new members.


Don’t become isolated

If you have lost a loved one joining a bowls club can help you to enjoy life once again.


Feel safe

People feel safe in familiar surroundings and company.


Using bowls as a life line

Great friendships can be formed.


Community spirit

All members of the community can enjoy bowls and lead a healthier lifestyle.


Keeping you healthy

Bowls gives your muscles and joints good exercise and keeps the tendons and ligaments you use limber.


Due to the extensive muscles you use during the approach, bowls is a good full-body motion and the social side boosts psychological and emotional health.


Bowls is primarily anaerobic because you aren’t giving your cardiovascular system a workout. Bowls stretches the muscles you use and conditions others.


The sport of bowls also exercises your mind as you try to outwit your opponent.


All of this means during an average game, you will:

bend 42 times.

walk approximately 1,260 metres.

swing your arm more than 40 times to deliver a bowl weighing more

than 3 pounds.

Come along and try BOWLS